About Us

Historical Fiction


My great uncle Raymond Harvey Davis wrote and published That Boyce Girl as a newspaper serial in 1938. He died unexpectedly in 1943. A few years ago, I inherited a copy of his manuscript, but I didn't read it until last year when I began transcribing it to share with our extended family. His writing was quite good, sprinkled with both humor and passion, so I published That Boyce Girl in his name as a novel with Create Space. Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with Sally, the protagonist, and feel compelled to continue her story.

The Race: That Boyce Girl


The sequel was recently published by Hoffman & Hoffman, LLC. That Boyce Girl followed Sally's struggle to break into the workforce as a car salesman after her father's bank fails. In The Race, Sally is now married but still pursued by Gary, a domineering socialite. When Jeff, Sally's husband, is injured in a practice race for the Indy 500, Sally takes his place behind the wheel and out-drives Gary on the racetrack, unaware her victory will unleash a near-lethal jealous rage.  

Science Fiction


I currently have two science fiction novels available on Amazon, Outpost Earth and Planet Nine. I also have several shorter works in multiple anthologies. All of these can be found by searching on Amazon for my pen name: L. H. Davis. Contact me if you'd like more information on any of my projects or works.